It's seven o'clock in the morning, two days after Christmas, 2012.  I was on the back of a trash truck and this guy came out of the driveway, I tried to jump out of his way.  And he hit me.

When I saw how badly he was injured, we knew that we had to act fast.  There were things that had to be taken care of immediately with regards to Miguel's case.  When we first spoke with Miguel on the phone, it was very apparent that he had suffered some serious injuries and in fact wasn't even able to come out to our office.  So what we do with the majority of the cases is if clients can't come out to see us, Joe and I always make sure that we are able to go see him.  That is what we do with Miguel.

When I first met Joe and Chuck, they were excellent.  Really good guys, down to earth.  They just want to help people.

When clients come to us, their case is not just a file number as they might be with some larger firms.  Joe and I personally handle each and every one of these cases together.  We don't have them stall, they don't sit in a file cabinet.  We are always on top of these cases and we are moving them forward.  What makes our law firm different from others is that we have a lot of trial experience.  If we are not getting a fair or just settlement offer from the insurance company we are not afraid to go to trial.

I never stepped into a courtroom, Joe and Chuck did everything.  I thank God for that.  If I didn't have them, I don't think I would have made it through it.

We handle and pursue these claims with the goal of putting the maximum amount of money in our clients pockets.  And essentially that is what we do on the majority of the cases.

I am back to work and they are still working for me.  The money that Joe got me changed my life.  It got me out of an apartment and got me into a house.

Mahaney and Pappas are here to give you hope.

Joseph M. Mahaney
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Injury lawyer serving car, truck, and motorcycle accident victims in Webster and Framingham, Massachusetts.