When Therena came to see Mahaney & Pappas she was frustrated with her case. She had previously hired a large Boston personal injury firm and was very upset with her experience with them.

Therena was a home health aide and in February 2015 she went to a patient’s home in Reading, Massachusetts. This particular patient lived in a condominium complex. While on the property, Therena slipped and fell on ice left untreated on the walk way. She suffered a fractured arm in the fall, which required surgery and time out of work.

Therena first hired a Boston law firm to handle her workers’ compensation case and the third party negligence case. While her employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company paid the medical bills and disability benefits to Therena, the third party defendant’s insurance companies denied liability and refused to pay Therena anything for the injuries she suffered.

After Therena grew more and more frustrated with her lawyers and was not able to get any information or progress from them, she came to see Mahaney & Pappas. We took over the case and immediately went to work. In the end and within one year of Therena hiring Mahaney & Pappas, we were able to get both third party insurance companies to accept liability and pay Therena well over six figures. Therena was extremely happy with our work and here is what she had to say: 

"The Mahaney & Pappas group are the best group of lawyers within the state of Massachusetts. I would highly recommend their law firm to any one without a doubt. My experience with them for my slip and fall case was stress free, comparing to my first lawyer who shut me off completely from all communications I was clueless as to what was happening, or what to do. until my consultation with the Mahany & Pappas group. My evaluation and ratings for this law firm would be five stars for their professional excellence, enthusiasm, transparency. From my initial consultation with "Chuck" to the end of my case they were informative of all the steps and progress they made. The communication line was clear throughout the whole process. They stuck with me all the way to the end with no worries. without a doubt I would recommend the Mahaney & Pappas group any day." 

Therena W., Lawrence, MA

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