This client was injured on the job and suffered a disabling injury. Her employer and workers' compensation insurance company refused to pay her disability benefits. We took on her case and filed a claim immediately. We were successful in obtaining a Court Order that required the insurance company to pay her disability benefits, retroactive benefits, and medical benefits to cover her medical bills. Following the Conference, our office commenced settlement negotiations and managed to obtain a very satisfactory lump sum settlement for our client. 

Here is a brief note from our client: 

I fell at my part time job and they told me I didn't deserve a cent. I contacted Chuck Pappas right away and he took my case without even meeting me. We emailed back and forth until we went to court and if it wasn't for his firm's hard work and long hours they finally settled. If it wasn't for him I would of gotten nothing. This really changed my life and I couldn't thank him enough.

Sheryl G. - Quincy, MA

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