A man, who was seriously injured on the job in Marlborough, Massachusetts, had another lawyer representing him in his workers' compensation case. When the other lawyer wasn't able to get this injured worker the workers' compensation benefits he deserved, he turned to Attorney Charles Pappas. Attorney Pappas got right to work and ultimatley secured a very favorable lump sum settlement for this injured employee. This is another example of why anyone injured on the job in Massachusetts should contact a workers' compensation attorney with the experience, skill and proven results to handle their case. Here is a brief note from this client about his satisfaction with Attorney Pappas. 

"I was working with another lawyer who was unable to help me in the manner in which I needed. Charles Pappas stepped right in, took over, and created a pathway for me to obtain the ultimate result. I would not be as satisfied as I am now, if it was not for his hard work and diligence."

- Frederick, M., Marlborough, MA

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