disorderly conduct attorneyThis crime is governed by M.G.L. c. 272, § 53. The disorderly conduct law seeks to control intentional conduct which tends to disturb the public tranquility, or to alarm or provoke others. At the law firm of Mahaney & Pappas, LLP, our Framingham defense attorneys can help protect your rights if you have been accused of disorderly conduct.

What Constitutes Disorderly Conduct?

In order for someone to be convicted of disorderly conduct the District Attorney's Office must prove three things beyond a reasonable doubt:

First: that the defendant involved himself (herself) in at least one of the following actions: he (she) either engaged in fighting or threatening, or engaged in violent or tumultuous behavior or created a hazardous or physically offensive condition by an act that served no legitimate purpose of the defendant's;

Second: that the defendant's actions were reasonably likely to affect the public; and

Third: that the defendant either intended to cause public inconvenience, annoyance or alarm, or recklessly created a risk of public inconvenience, annoyance or alarm.

Upon a conviction disorderly persons and disturbers of the peace, for the first offense, shall be punished by a fine of not more than $150. On a second or subsequent offense, such person shall be punished by imprisonment in a jail or house of correction for not more than 6 months, or by a fine of not more than $200, or by both such fine and imprisonment. While the penalty may not seem severe to some people, a conviction of this crime could have negative consequences on your future.

If You Have Been Accused Of Disturbing The Peace, Contact Our Attorneys

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