Our office has represented many clients involved in pedestrian accidents. A pedestrian’s injuries can be very severe after being hit by a car, which often results in very expensive medical bills. When we meet with a pedestrian client, we are often asked: Who pays my medical bills?  

In Massachusetts, a portion of the pedestrian’s medical bills incurred from treatment for injuries after being hit by a car will be paid, initially, by that car’s auto insurance company. Yes, the car that hit the pedestrian’s auto insurance policy will pay some of the pedestrian’s medical bills.  The payments will be made from the Personal Injury Protection (“PIP”) benefits portion of the auto insurance policy.

Remember, though, PIP will pay up to $2,000 of medical bills if the pedestrian has private health insurance and will pay up to $8,000 if the pedestrian has no health insurance or Medicare, Mass Health, or a fully self-funded ERISA health insurance plan.

Any medical bills over and above either the $2,000 or $8,000 paid by PIP will then be submitted and paid by the pedestrian’s health insurance plan.

If it is determined or established that the driver of the car was negligent, then at the end of treatment or the case, the pedestrian may be receive financial compensation by way of a settlement for the medical bills paid over and above the PIP benefits paid by the car’s auto insurance.

Have you Been Hit and Injured by a Car in Massachusetts?

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