We were hired by an employee, who was injured at work in a warehouse in Webster, Massachusetts. One day at work in the Webster warehouse, our client was unloading boxes of products from a truck when he slipped on a piece of cardboard.  He landed on his back and suffered a herniated lumbar disc.  This injury caused severe pain in his back and down his leg and this injury prevented him from working rendering him totally disabled.  After months of physical therapy and diagnosting testing, he underwent a microdisectomy procedure (spine surgery).  While the surgery was successful, he continued to suffer from pain and discomfort. 

Following our client's injury, we were able to negotiate with the workers' compensation insurance company and have them pay our client workers' comp benefits, which included disability benefits and all of the medical bills for his treatment.  After approximately a year of treatment and receiving workers' comp benefits, we were able to settle his workers’ compensation case by way of a lump sum settlement for the maximum amount of his temporary total benefits and temporary partial benefits.  Additionally, we were also able to obtain compensation for some permanent and total disability benefits. 

This client was extremely grateful for the thorough and diligent legal services we provided him with. 


Charles S. Pappas
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Massachusetts injury lawyer & workers' compensation attorney serving accident victims in Webster & Framingham.