Here is another example of a workers compensation case we handled for a client of ours. The work accident in this case happened in February 2015. I’m sure all of us New Englanders remember the snow filled winter of 2015. This gentleman slipped and fell on snow and ice while walking into work at his job in Needham and struck his head and back on the pavement. The fall was hard enough to cause our client to lose consciousness.  He was helped up by a witness that was nearby and brought to the emergency room at Beth Israel Medical Center due to his pain and disorientation.  

At the emergency room this employee was treated and diagnosed with a closed head injury and a neck injury.  Our client was referred to a neurosurgeon, who ordered an MRI.  The MRI showed some foraminal stenosis and disc changes at C5-6 and C6-7 without any herniation. This doctor ordered the employee to remain out of work due to his injury and began to run a number of diagnostic tests on him due to the severe headaches and pain he suffered.  This employee also went to months of physical therapy with some improvement.  

This Massachusetts workers compensation claim was initially accepted by the workers comp insurance company and the injured employee was paid Temporary Total Disability benefits. After a little bit more than a year the insurance company scheduled an independent medical exam (IME), which our client was required to go to.  The insurance company filed a Claim to Terminate the disability benefits based upon the results of the IME, which said our client was able to return to work.  This workers comp claim then went through the usual process.  We attended a Conciliation and refused to agree to modify or terminate the comp benefits and the case was referred to an Administrative Judge for a Conference. While waiting for the Conference date to be scheduled, our office engaged in meticulous negotiations with the insurance company and their attorneys.  Just before the Conference we were able to reach an agreement for a $70,000 lump sum settlement with the insurance company.  This agreement was presented to the Judge assigned to the case, who approved it without hesitation due to the very favorable amount of the settlement.

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