This case involved a serious truck accident. Our client, an independent truck driver, was traveling home from Pennsylvania to Massachusetts.  The particular highway he was driving on was prone to immediate and severe changes in weather. Within minutes the winter weather brought on a snow squall that limited visibility and control.  As he was travelling in the right lane focused on controlling his tractor trailer other truck drivers were speeding past him.  Those speeding drivers lost control of their vehicles a short distance up the highway and caused an accident that blocked the highway. Our client struggled, but did bring his vehicle to a stop prior to the crash site.  As he exited his truck he couldn’t see, but he could hear another truck bearing down on him. This oncoming truck, who was later determined to be a major nationwide trucking company, crashed into all of the stopped vehicles.  Our client miraculously was able jump over the guardrail within a second of the crash. While this jump undeniably saved his life, it severely injured his back. 

Our client suffered ruptured discs to his back requiring spinal fusion which included the implementation of rods, screws and cage to provide stability to his back.  Our office filed a lawsuit in the United States District Court against the nationwide trucking company as well as others that contributed to the accident.  The case went to mediation where we were able to settle the case for $575,000.


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