A 52 year old woman, who worked at a restaurant, fell one day at work and hurt her knee.  She was able to walk, but was in extreme pain.  She was unable to finish her shift at work and went home to rest her leg.  After days of severe pain she went to her doctor to evaluate her knee injury.  An MRI was performed, which revealed a Grade 1 MCL sprain, partial tear of the ACL, possible tear of medial meniscus and a stress fracture of the anterior tibial pleateau, which is a critical weight-bearing area located on the upper extremity of the tibia or shinbone.  Our client underwent several courses of physical therapy.

The worker’s compensation insurance company initially refused to pay our client disability benefits because of the delay in seeking medical attention right away and questions about the extent of the injury.  We immediately filed claim for her.  Our client was extremely worried and stressed about the insurance company’s denial.  She was unable to work, had no money coming in and had day-to-day bills that needed to be paid.  She also had grandkids that she watched during the week and needed money to help her family.  This is why we took immediate action.

We pushed this claim and at a conference before a Judge at the Department of Industrial Accidents, we successfully obtained an order for the insurance company to pay her retroactive disability payments (from the date of her injury to the then current date) and an order to pay disability benefits going forward into the future.

Because of our success at the conference, we ultimately secured a $60,000 lump sum settlement for our client, which comprised of all the remaining years of temporary total disability allowed by law and 2 years of temporary partial disability

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