"I just wanted to say thank you for your hard work, constant contact, and diligence in my case.  I know I must have been a pain, but you delivered.  Thanks again."

This short, but meaningful note was sent to us from a current client in Metrowest, who was hurt on the job and whose injuries rendered him unable to return to work after his accident.  His employer's workers' compensation insurance company denied the claim and refused to pay disability benefits to this client. It was important to us because this client had young children and we understand that when you are unable to work as a result of being injured, you still need to provide for your children. We took immediate action and filed a claim with the DIA.  In short, we were able to obtain a favorable conference order from the judge and have the workers' compensation insurance carrier pay him retroactive benefits for the past 8 months, which totaled over $15,000. The judge further ordered the insurance company to continue paying this client weekly disability benefits.  This came at a great time, because he received his check just before the holidays. We were glad to help. 

Conference Order

Charles S. Pappas
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