In this case, an employee fell at work in Westborough, Massachusetts and struck his head. He felt off right after his work accident, but managed to finish his day at work. Over the weekend, this client and his family noticed a difference in his behavior. He was very forgetful, had a headache, and his sense of balance was off. He went to work on Monday and explained the symptoms he experienced over the weekend and left work early. He went to his doctor and was diagnosed with a concussion and referred to a specialist due to the symptoms he continued to suffer. The specialists concurred with the concussion diagnosis, but also found that the injured worker was suffering from post concussion syndrome

Initally, the workers' compensation insurance company agreed to pay disability benefits to our client, but only for three months. The insurance company terminated their payment of benefits to this injured employee after the three months. This is when this person contacted Attorney Chuck Pappas. Attorney Pappas took immediate action and filed an Employee's Claim for Benefits. At the Conference before a Judge at the Department of Industrial Accidents, Attorney Pappas was sucessful in getting the Court to order the workers' compensation insurance company to pay this client total disability benefits, which included retroactive benefits from the date his benefits were initially cut off. Attorney Pappas was also sucessful in getting the Court to order the payment of medical benefits for the treatment of the client's post concussive syndrome. 

After thorough negotiations, Attorney Pappas was able to obtain a lump sum settlement for $50,000. This client was very happy with how Attorney Pappas handled his case and with his settlement. 

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