Not Guilty – OUI Case

A young man was pulled over in Webster, MA by the Webster Police Department.  He told the police that he had a few beers and submitted to a sobriety test.  After he was deemed to have failed the sobriety test he was offered and refused a breathalyzer.  Because he refused the breathalyzer and it was his second offense OUI case in Massachusetts, his license was suspended for 3 years.  Attorney Pappas was able to litigate the case all the way to trial in East Brookfield District Court.  This client was found Not Guilty by a judge after a jury-waived trial and his license was re-instated that day.  Since it was his second offense OUI, he was facing a 3 year license suspension for refusing the breath test and another 2 years after that if he was convicted.  Since he was acquitted after trial, Attorney Pappas was able to get his license back immediately.  This client lost his license for a total of 3 months.  

Charles S. Pappas
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